Houston Rockets: Adding Jimmy Butler would ruin any shot at an NBA title

Philadelphia 76ers Jimmy Butler (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Philadelphia 76ers Jimmy Butler (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

While it may make some sense on paper, Jimmy Butler would not work with the Houston Rockets and would only make the locker room that much more combustible

If you have heard any news about the Houston Rockets recently, it’s probably in regards to the alleged disfunction between James Harden and Chris Paul. The two State Farm spokesmen have been apparently getting on each other’s nerves from the beginning.

However, Daryl Morey believes that he has the solution to all the problems and controversies. The golden goose would be Jimmy Butler. All I could say is the same that Jay Williams said on ESPN, “Houston, cancel the launch.”

According to a report from ESPN, the Rockets are aggressively trying to landing Jimmy Butler in free agency. It would only happen via sign-and-trade, and would likely have to include Eric Gordon and Clint Capela, in order for Houston to remain under the cap.

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So picture this triple threat, ball dominant James Harden, ball dominant Chris Paul and ball dominant Jimmy Butler. If the chaos is bad now it will only escalate. Let’s stay positive first. For starters, Butler is among the best two-way players in the NBA and is a constant All-Star no matter the team he represents.

In my opinion, Butler would add a gritty, hard-nosed attitude to a team that was unable to get stops in numerous games with the Golden State Warriors in the playoffs. As a four-time All-Defensive second teamer, Butler would provide added defense to a squad that so desperately need it in the biggest moments.

Now to the potentially ugly situations that could boil. First, as long as Mike D’Antoni is the head coach, the Rockets will not change their offense no matter if it fits the new star or not. It’s 3-pointers or die. Keep in mind, Butler is only a career 34 percent 3-point shooter.

Second, the cost is just too high. Remember, Kevin Durant blew out his achilles. He is going be gone most of the year, if not the whole year. Klay Thompson is also gone with a torn ACL for the majority of the year. There is no need to blow up our team by getting rid of two key pieces such as Gordon and Capela.

The only thorn in the side of the Rockets has been the Warriors and they will be heavily depleted. I just don’t see the reward outweighing the risk involved. Speaking of risk, if this reports of Paul and Harden not getting along are true, why in the world would you bring in a well-known firestorm like Butler in?

Since his exit in Chicago, he has rubbed just about everyone involved with him the wrong way. I’m sure he’s probably managed to tick off the popcorn guy at some point. In Chicago, he was very vocal and had tensions with fellow Bulls, Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah. When in Minnesota, he called out his organization and it’s top young star, Karl Anthony-Towns, calling them “nonchalant.”

He would have frequent outbursts at practices before requesting a trade to Philly. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, in only a year in the City of Brotherly Love, Butler had “aggressively challenged” head coach Brett Brown and thought to be “disrespectful” towards Brown during a film session.

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The Rockets already have a Chris Paul problem. Paul isn’t the guy he was five years ago and refusing to understand his role. Adding Butler would only muddy up the waters and add another barking mouth to feed. It could lead to a chemistry disaster amongst the other teammates and even might lead to a triple threat fight that seems like it would belong on WrestleMania, rather than on the court. In other words, Houston please stay away unless you want Jimmy Butler to put the fun in dysfunction.