NBA in Threes: Early observations from opening week

Los Angeles Lakers Anthony Davis (Photo by Zhong Zhi/Getty Images)
Los Angeles Lakers Anthony Davis (Photo by Zhong Zhi/Getty Images) /
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NBA Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James and Anthony Davis (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

Welcome to NBA in Threes where we rundown some notable happenings in the league and recent games three days at a time

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*October 22 NBA box scores

NBA Game Analyses

Toronto Raptors vs.New Orleans Pelicans

Los Angeles Clippers vs.Los Angeles Lakers

NBA Tidbits

  • Opening night saw the Toronto Raptors defeat the New Orleans Pelicans (sans Zion Williamson) in overtime. And the Battle of LA kicked off with the Los Angeles Clippers defeating the Los Angeles Lakers even though Paul George did not play.
  • All offseason, I’ve felt like of any team in the league this season, the Lakers may have the highest potential to be disappointing based on expectations alone. Seeing them not be able to handle the Clippers without Paul George, seems like a bad sign for the Lakers to me. Especially when the Clippers got off to such a slow start.

On the other hand…

October 23 NBA Box Scores

NBA Game Analysis

Boston Celtics vs. Philadelphia 76ers

New York Knicks vs. San Antonito Spurs

Denver Nuggets vs. Portland Trail Blazers


  • Kyrie Irving did work in his debut game with the Brooklyn Nets dropping 50 points in 38 minutes to go along with seven assists and eight rebounds.

  • I loved seeing Lauri Marksmanen… I mean Lauri Markkanen go off or 34 points in the Chicago Bulls opening night loss to the Charlotte Hornets
  • And speaking of the Charlotte Hornets… really? There were some impressive stats for charlotte in that game, no doubt. They drained 23 shots from range on 52.3 percent shooting and totaled 41 rebounds and 28 assists as a team. But I don’t think it’s over the line to say it’s a touch early for this tweet. I mean, three teams with records less than .500 beat them into the playoffs last year. Just sayin’.
  • Also, this happened. I know it’s not technically NBA related but I think you’d agree, it’s worth looking at.

October 24 NBA Box Scores

NBA Game Analysis

Golden State Warriors at Los Angeles Clippers

NBA Tidbits

  • One of the big questions in the season opener between the Milwaukee Bucks and Houston Rockets was will Russell Westbrook and James Harden be successful playing together the second time around? In the case of most new teammates, the expectation is that it will take a little while to become accustomed to each other. As these two are old new teammates, it feels like the process should be expedited. The official NBA Twitter account provided a snapshot of how it went. What you don’t ger from the summary is the fact that Harden 14 of Harden’s 19 points came at the charity stripe.  Now, I’ve always been of the opinion that points are points but Harden going 2-13 from the field?! YIKES!