NBA: LeBron’s decision headlines 5 moments that shaped the last decade

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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

The NBA has witnessed a lot of great moments this decade. From Adam Silver becoming commissioner to a player averaging a triple-double, but none were more prominent than LeBron James decision

The conclusion of the decade has been written about endlessly, and rightfully so because it is a big deal. With today being the first day of not only the new year but also the next decade, it seemed fitting to put a bow on the previous decade.

Compiling a list of this nature can be difficult. Because there is no wrong answer, but there are copious correct answers, before diving into the top-five moments, let’s touch on a few honorable mentions.

New commish in town

When Adam Silver took over as commissioner of the NBA in 2014, many fans rejoiced because his predecessor David Stern was not the most well-liked fellow. Since taking over the helm, Silver has dramatically helped grow the game of basketball, both on and off the hardwood.

However, his most impactful moment as the commissioner came within his first few months of the job, when he reacted swiftly and sternly regarding the punishment of former and exiled Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

Westbrook averages a triple-double

Love him, or hate him, the way Russell Westbrook revolutionized the triple-double was nothing short of spectacular. Before, Russ’ special run one single player averaged a triple-double, Oscar Roberson all the way back during 1961-62 in his sophomore season. Westbrook did so for three consecutive seasons. None more impressive than the first, en route to his illustrious MVP campaign.

Kobe, Duncan, Wade, and Dirk retire

It was a tough decision to include retirements in this decade wrap. Because father time is undefeated, and every player must retire eventually. However, due to the fact Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Dwyane Wade, and Dirk Nowitzki are four of the best players of all-time, it would have been a mistake to gloss over their farewell seasons. Just how dominant was this quartet during the 2010s? They combined to win five out of ten titles.

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