NBA Sunday Social: Russell Westbrook returned to the Peake and the OKC Thunder rolled

Houston Rockets guard Russell Westbrook (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Houston Rockets guard Russell Westbrook (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

NBA Sunday Social: Russell Westbrook’s return to Oklahoma City was supposed to be the top talking point of the week. However, two of his former teammates stole the show on Twitter.

Kevin Durant once said:

"“I could speak all night about Russell.”"

He made that statement during his MVP acceptance speech in 2014. Fast forward to today and oh how things have changed, but more on that later. Many Thunder fans still feel the way KD did back in 2014 about Russell Westbrook, and it showed on Thursday night.

Following the national anthem, the arena went dark, and fans directed their attention to the jumbotron where Russ’ comprehensive tribute video began playing. After the video concluded, Westbrook was announced first in the Houston starting lineup, receiving the hometown shout from the Thunder’s PA announcer, which could be heard on the TNT broadcast.

If you were inside the arena though, you missed that, because all that could be heard was a raucous round of applause for the 6-foot-3 guard from UCLA.

Top-notch tribute video

The Oklahoma City Thunder are in their 12th year of existence. This video was by far the best they have ever put together. It featured everything, from good moments to bad. Watching this clip with 18,203 other people, brought all the feels into the Peake, not just for the fans, but for team staff, arena employees, and the man of the evening himself.

Bravo Oklahoma City Thunder, looking forward to what you put together when number zero goes up into the rafters.


Welcome back Brodie

Showing both sides of the spectrum

I completely disagree with this tweet, however, it’s important to include every side of an argument.

Summarizing how special the evening was…

For context, Berry Tramel is the infamous reporter Westbrook would always hit with the line next question. For what it’s worth, Russ did answer Berry’s insightful question on Thursday night.

Zero regrets

Home sweet home

Seems accurate

One of the most ASININE takes EVER!

The Real Westbrook

You can also check out the real Westbrook by clicking here

Russell Westbrook thanks Oklahoma City

When past and the present collide


“If you put this scene on a movie screen, is it called a happy end?”

The answer is a definite yes. This twitter user perfectly summed up the evening, and they didn’t even use all 240 characters.

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The best of the rest

The beef heard ’round the NBA

In tweets that have since been deleted, former teammates Durant and Kendrick Perkins exchanged words and took the spotlight away from Westbrook on his night. Durant has always been one to seek attention via social media, this was right on course for him. It was just unfortunate to see.

He called it

Parker Burnett nearly predicted how Russ’ intro would play out to a T. Only Russ was announced first, and just like old times and he received the unofficial loudest ovation in the history of Chesapeake Energy Arena.

The League must do a better job at constructing the schedule

The power of The King

It’s fun to be silly

When you are destined to be a lottery team, you celebrate what you can

Some teams giveaway 20k others handout cars, the Knicks dish out scratchers

Lowry is doing his best Chris Paul impersonation

Chris Paul the future coach

On Friday night, Thunder guards Chris Paul and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander attended the Oklahoma City Blue game. The Blue is the Thunder’s G-League affiliate. Not only did Paul mentor the Blue players, but he also provided advice to some members of the Blue’s opponent the Raptors 905.

Don’t mess with Big Perk

In addition to scoffing with Stephen A Smith and Durant, Perk also exchanged words with Matt Barnes on Twitter as well.

Enes Kanter is a Legend

The news of Kanter opening a charter school is the perfect high note to end the week. Kanter has discussed on copious occasions how he can never return to his home country of Turkey. Therefore, Enes decided to open a school in his adoptive home of Oklahoma.

Kanter will never be remembered as one of the best players in Thunder history. With that said, he certainly will be remembered as one of the most beloved. In addition to Kanter’s latest tie to OKC, the Turkish center has continued hosting basketball camps in the summertime each year, since being dealt to the Knicks 2017.

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Have a great week, and check back next Sunday to view all the social happening around the NBA.