NBA Trade Rumors: The Lakers are open to trading almost anyone

NBA Trade Rumors: The Los Angeles Lakers are reportedly prepared to trade anyone on their team not named LeBron James or Anthony Davis

It should come as no surprise when it’s being reported that the Los Angeles Lakers are open to making a deadline deal. The Lakers are sitting atop the Western Conference at the moment, but surely have a few holes on their roster that they’d like to address before the NBA Trade Deadline.

However, it doesn’t get much more clear than a report surfacing that the Lakers are willing to trade anyone on the team not named LeBron James or Anthony Davis – as long as it improves their roster, of course.

[via LA Times]

That’s why Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka is prepared to trade anyone on the roster, except Davis and LeBron James, if it means filling a gap the Lakers need in order to win a championship, according to a person familiar with his thinking.

This isn’t exactly breaking news or should come as a surprise. In fact, any team in the NBA is likely in this same position. At the very least, the playoff contenders should be. Why wouldn’t a team want to trade anyone of their roster – with the exception of their best players – if it means improving your team’s chances at winning a championship?

Though it is interesting that Kyle Kuzma wasn’t mentioned as an untouchable, and will only add fuel to the fire that has been the recent rumors regarding the team potentially trading him. He’s likely the biggest asset on the team’s roster, and that’s not really saying much considering that Kuzma isn’t having a great season.

It’s going to be interesting to see who the Lakers target, and who they could realistically acquire. They could use a starting point guard, but that might be a bit unrealistic considering the assets they have at their disposal.

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One thing is certain, however. And it’s that the Lakers will make a move at the NBA Trade Deadline. It would be surprising if they didn’t.

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