The Washington Wizards are one big ‘what if’

Washington Wizards John Wall Bradley Beal (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Washington Wizards John Wall Bradley Beal (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /

 Over the last couple of seasons, the Washington Wizards have been one big ‘what if’

If you’re a Washington Wizards fan you have to sit there and wonder at times “what if.” What if John Wall and Bradley Beal can both share the court together at the same time at 100 percent full strength.

On one hand, you have a 29-year-old point guard who not only has been a scoring threat, but has also shown flashes of putting his team and teammates on his back, and improving their game. Wall’s career stats of 19 points and nine assists per game shouldn’t be ignored either; the man can straight-up ball.

His counterpart Bradley Beal is a 26-year-old true shooting guard who can play both sides of the ball and is currently averaging a career-best 27.7 points per contest this season.

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Yes, of course, if Wall was on the floor for any portion of this year, Beal’s numbers would be down, but “what if.” What if they could co-exist and complement each other’s game at full capacity while propelling the Wizards to a formidable team and possible contender in the East?

What if they could be the Eastern Conference Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum, that pair took their team all the way to the Western Conference Finals and lost to the juggernaut of the Golden State Warriors?

There are similarities in both these pairs, and how they have come together, the only difference is one tandem (Lillard/McCollum) has been able to stay healthy and on the court together, while the other tandem (Wall/Beal) have spent much of their time together cheering each other on from the sideline.

Bottom line is that it looks like Beal is in Washington for the long haul, after signing a contract extension through the 2022-23 season, while Wall will likely not make his return to the floor for the Wizards until next season.

But, “what if” next year they can both be on the floor for game 1 of the NBA season and make a significant run to cement a place for themselves within the Wizards fanbase and organization proving they both can work?

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Regardless, it could be a fun ride or an ugly glance next year into what could be the beginning of the end to a tandem that we never saw live to its full expectations.