Golden State Warriors: Things could be worse for the Dubs

NBA Golden State Warriors Ky Bowman (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
NBA Golden State Warriors Ky Bowman (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

Despite a horrid season, there is a silver lining with the Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors are not as bad as we think.

Wait, don’t go! Hear me out.

Look right now, this team is bad. Amazingly bad. They are at the bottom in nearly every major category.

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But what do you expect when the team loses Kevin Durant to Brooklyn, Klay Thompson to a torn ACL, and Steph Curry to a broken hand? The team was destined for some failure this season.

With that said, things could be a lot worse.

This ragtag group of Warriors has the makings of a deep second unit.

Rookies Eric Paschall and Jordan Poole have been thrust in the spotlight early and have held their own against the competition.

Glenn Robinson III has been a consistent presence as he has started in every game. Willie Cauley-Stein has been their defensive anchor in the paint and Alec Burks has been a potent scoring option off the bench.

Even though their 10-35 record would suggest otherwise, this smattering of role players is doing their best filling in for stars who brought this franchise to five straight NBA Finals appearances. A team of mainly bench pieces have been forced to carry the load on a nightly basis.

Another positive nugget is the offseason signing of D’Angelo Russell. Despite some nagging injuries, Russell has come to play in San Francisco. He is leading the Warriors in both points and assists while acting as the leader in Curry’s absence.

Speaking of Curry, his imminent return might spark a fire under this team to finish strong to end the season. Assuming that he comes back March 1st, the Warriors would play 13 of their final 21 games against playoff teams. They can either play the role of spoiler and throw a wrench in playoff seeding, or gather the losses and contend for a high lottery pick.

And what a coveted piece that would be if they land the number one overall pick in the upcoming draft. Do they keep it and draft a young star like LaMelo Ball or James Wiseman? Do you bundle that pick and Russell together for a proven veteran? The possibilities are endless.

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By the start of the next season, this Warriors team will look entirely different. The Splash Brothers will be back to their old habits. The young talent running now will have the experience needed and provide their talents in short spurts off the bench. The balance will slowly be restored in the Chase Arena.

Be patient, Warriors fans. It will get better.