Sunday Social: Trae Young shines as he records his career-high

After appearing in his first career All-Star game, Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young has continued his rapid ascension coming out of the break.

Trae Young started in the 2020 NBA All-Star game, many griped about it because it was fans who voted him in, and his team currently resides in the bottom-five in the association. However, Young did not let the criticism dissuade him from putting on a show, as he swished an impressive heave from far beyond the arc, 40-feet to be exact.

Like many rising stars from the past, Young is using his success from All-Star weekend as a springboard. In his first game after the break, he registered a new career-high, scoring an efficient 50 points. In his follow-up performance, Young posted half that scoring total, 25.

Young led the Hawks to wins in both contests, earning victories over the Heat and Mavericks.

Wild stuff

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That winning feeling

Ending on a high note

Sticking with Trae Young, this week’s high note is a photo of Young receiving his community assist award, shared by Hawks legend Dikembe Mutombo.

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Have a great week, and check back next Sunday for the latest edition of Sunday Social.

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