NBA Monday Social: Jayson Tatum is building a strong Most Improved Player resume

This week in the association, Jayson Tatum continued his rapid ascension, the LA Clippers righted the ship, plus so much more

Sometimes a player is pegged as a superstar before he enters the league. Such as LeBron James and Zion Williamson. Jayson Tatum was not. However, the Celtics third-year forward has literally taken a massive leap forward and risen to superstar level. Check out some amazing things he did this past week along with many other great highlights below:

KG is a legend

The Greek Freak doing freaky things

Game respect game

Inside jokes

This team is so fun

Gaining closure on the recent tragedy

MJ speaks from the heart

Classic Mamba humor

Humor helps the soul heal

Everyone makes mistakes, especially NBA executives


Tatum is taking flight


One of my new favorite tweets to feature

The Sacramento Kings ladies and gentlemen

Just double-checking

Can’t script things like this…

The Sixers are in trouble

This was a beatdown

Bob Myers is probably already making calls

More inside jokes

A beautiful sight for Thunder Nation

A little perspective

Just a little more

Followed by some good advice

Yes, yes it is…

Happy Mardi Gras

I think LeBron will be just fine

Yes, I agree with Morant

The definitive answer is yes, BTW I think Milwaukee is going to win it all

Interesting question?

Seriously though, this would be an epic series, with endless storylines

Cool story bro

I would love this prize

You don’t say?

Double standard

Sweet moves

Comeback kids

Presented without comment

Agreed. Either everyone can do it, or no one can do it.


*Inserts looking eye emoji

I think Luke Walton‘s days are numbered in Sacramento

Interesting argument

It feels good to be recognized

It’s Hami time

Nice kick collection Bazley

Two losses make a world of difference I guess

Gonna start watching AD more closely

Road Warriors

This tweet did not age well

Fun question with endless answers

Kinda petty from Harden. However, this could make HOU vs. Bucks a REALLY fun Finals

Checking back in on the Clippers

When the Clips added Jackson, I said it would make them, or break them, so far the latter has transpired.

Names can be tricky

It’s amazing what health can do to a team

Fan Favorites need love too

Full perspective view

This is why the Clips have a chance to win the West

More comments on Jackson

Sticking it out, where he signed a contract to play

Maybe the Wolves can finally do something. Next year.

Apparently health is a cure all

More Love for Tatum

And an awesome answer!

Another intriguing question

Interesting statement

Technically, Kevin Durant was not the number one overall pick, but he should have been and he is the closest comparison to Zion Williamson in this sense.

Destiny Awaits

Walking a unique road

The Clippers are rounding into form

The Shade is real with this one

This statement fits so many NBA game scenarios

Gotta Love the Brotherhood

Despite the historic margin, it still only counts as one loss


Brown’s shot was impressive

However, it never happens without Tatum’s perfectly executed miss.

A reminder anything is possible

This is how all siblings should be

This week’s high note is brought to you by The King himself, LeBron James shared this video of his two teenage sons on Instagram, most teens would be mortified for their dad to post videos of them on social media, this duo was not. It seems the James Gang — as James often refers to he and wife Savannah’s family — is as close as ever!


Have a great day, I’ll be here again next week, back to the usual Sunday schedule bringing you some of the best posts from around the web.