Los Angeles Lakers: Rajon Rondo should run the second unit

Los Angeles Lakers Rajon Rondo (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)
Los Angeles Lakers Rajon Rondo (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images) /

 As the NBA Playoffs draws closer and closer, the Los Angeles Lakers shouldn’t hesitate in allowing Rajon Rondo to run the team’s second unit.

With the narrative being that the Los Angeles Lakers do not have a play-making ball-handler when LeBron James is out the game, there is one guy who can step up and be the floor general when their best player is taking the rest. That guy is 14-year veteran Rajon Rondo.

When the Lakers brought in Rondo last season, it left many people wondering what they were thinking bringing in a guy of his caliber. At the time the Lakers had a numerous amount of playmakers in LeBron, Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, and now Rajon Rondo.

But people do not tend to realize that Rondo brings a certain presence to the Lakers outside of being the floor leader. He may not be the shooter that people believe the Lakers need, but on a good day, Rondo brings toughness and much energy to the team that is much needed.

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It’s obvious that Rondo is not the same young player that he once was on the Boston Celtics, but his impact can still be huge for a team like the Lakers. With his intelligent basketball IQ on the floor, he can take the pressure off of the guys like LeBron and Anthony Davis so they can make their priority in scoring and closing the game out for the Lakers.

Looking at the second unit for the Lakers, they need someone to set the tone for them on both ends of the floor. Many believed that it would be Kyle Kuzma who could lead the second group but he has not shown much inconsistency all season. And as great as Kentavious Caldwell-Pope has been throughout this season, he is not the guy who can get guys involved.

Rondo has to be the guy who can run the offense for that second unit group. If he’s setting guys up to be in the perfect spots at the perfect time, it could possibly help guys in Kuzma and others pick up their game.

Now although Rondo’s impact hasn’t been consistent throughout this season, there’s still time to turn things around. Now that the Lakers will bring in Dion Waiters to the second unit, Waiters’ ability to shoot from the perimeter adds a great weapon for Rondo to set up and help get good looks. Once guys begin to get things clicking coming off the bench, it will help tremendously against playoff contenders as the role players impact will be much needed.

The Lakers will more likely lock up the No. 1 spot in the Western Conference which will give them homecourt advantage throughout the postseason in the West. It’s important that everyone on the floor is making an impact in a positive way that will help the team get to the Finals this season.

Expect “Playoff Rondo” to show up in April. He loves the pressure and embraces the moment during that time of the season. With LeBron checking out of games to get rest, it is his job to run the floor on the offensive end and make plays happen for his teammates.

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Although his impact has not been as great through this season, Rondo is a guy who is smart enough to understand what he needs to bring to the team. And as the postseason is approaching, expect him to make the adjustments necessary.