NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant not likely to return even if season extends into July

NBA Rumors: Even if the 2019-20 season extends into June or July, there’s not much of a chance that Kevin Durant will return.

Due to the NBA’s current hiatus, there’s a real chance that if the 2019-20 season resumes during the summer that it will extend into June, July, and possibly into August. In such a scenario, there were already many fan theories that led to Kevin Durant returning to suit up for the Brooklyn Nets in the playoffs.

However, those hopes have quickly been shot down by one of Durant’s longtime business partner, Rich Kleiman.

Kleiman joined ESPN’s Golic and Wingo Monday morning and quickly shot down any potential return of Kevin Durant until the start of next season.

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Durant’s longtime business partner Rich Kleiman tamped down expectations for the former MVP on Monday morning, telling Golic & Wingo that hopes of Durant playing in June or July are “not very realistic.”

“Honestly, not very realistic from my standpoint, and not even spoken about,” Kleiman said.

Durant is still recovering from a torn Achilles, an injury that he sustained in the NBA Finals last season. The natural recovery time for such an injury is generally one full year. Even then, there’s a chance that Durant won’t look – and feel – like himself until a full year after being cleared for play.

The hope is that Durant will be one of the exceptions, considering he’s 31 years old and one of the best athletes the NBA has ever seen. Nevertheless, we’re going to have to wait until the start of 2020-21 to see Durant return to the floor.

While the idea of Durant returning a bit early and suiting up for the Nets in the playoffs sounds like a fun possibility, it never really made much sense. There’s no reason for Durant to speed up his recovery and rush to return.

Simply put, there isn’t much of an upside for Durant to return early. The Nets, even with Durant, won’t be real contenders with no team for the team to gel, and who knows if Kyrie Irving (shoulder) would be ready to return.

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The idea of Kevin Durant returning is fun, there’s no question about it. But it was never a realistic possibility. And now, that’s all been but officially shut down.

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