NBA Rumors: Mark Cuban hopeful games can continue to be played in May

NBA Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
NBA Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

NBA Rumors: Mark Cuban is hopeful that the NBA can resume playing games in May.

It’s nearly been two weeks since the NBA officially suspended its season amid the growing COVID-19 concerns in the United States. Shortly after the NBA’s decision to suspend its season, many of the other major sports around the world quickly followed.

However, nearly two weeks since the monumental move, a return to somewhat of normalcy hasn’t exactly been discussed much since. We don’t know when that will come for the NBA, or any other sports for that matter. We don’t know what that would look like, or even that’s something remotely on the horizon for the United States.

Nevertheless, at least one NBA owner is hopeful that games could be resumed in May. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban echoed hope that we could see a return from the NBA sooner rather than later – even if May seems far off.

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"“Hopefully by the middle of May, we’re starting to get back to normal and the NBA is playing games,” Cuban said. “Maybe not with fans, but we’re playing it because sports plays such an important role. You know, people want something to cheer for, people want something to rally around, people want something to be excited about.…“I mean you know no one has perfect information right now, and so all decisions are tough. But, you know, if I had to guess based off the people I’ve talked to at the CDC and other places — I would say that the over under would be June 1, and I’m taking the under.”"

Considering the state where we are as a nation right now, the NBA, even at least in a small way, returning in May would be a huge win for sports fans everywhere. Even if they play games without fans in the arena, the return of live-action would be a great escape for where we are as a people at the moment.

Still, playing games in May seems a bit on the optimistic side. And consider where this is coming from – an owner. Of course, you expect to hear someone like Cuban be a bit more optimistic than others. He, more than any of us, you’d assume, wants the NBA to be back in action.

However, we need to consider the health of the players, team personnel and the public before making any big decisions either way.

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With that said, the fact that the NBA still hasn’t decided to completely cancel the season has to be considered a good sign. The hope is that we will see NBA basketball again before the start of next season. Will that be in May? Maybe. Maybe not.