NBA Monday Social: CJ McCollum shows off new foster puppy amid social distancing

CJ McCollum celebrates win over Denver Nuggets (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)
CJ McCollum celebrates win over Denver Nuggets (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images) /

Despite the hiatus, the un-official NBA offseason is keeping social media ablaze as CJ McCollum debuted his new puppy and Enes Kanter shared some great content.

Portland Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum is no stranger when it comes to social media. Therefore, when he and his fiance Elise Esposito took in a new puppy to foster named Cheerio, CJ wasted no time to jump onto the Twitter-verse and gather advice on their new pal.

McCollum was not the only NBA athlete busy on social media, Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter shared a pretty comical video of how he is keeping busy during the quarantine.

The message we all needed to hear

Interesting ratings

Why yes it did…

The highlight we all want and need right now

An accurate description

First, it was this:

Then it escalated to this, never change Enes

Followed appropriately by highlights of the King of the Prairie

He and his wife Nina are also fighting the good fight

It’s common to ponder

Please listen to his advice because he is following the health officials instructions

His peers know it, of course he chimed in

Meet Cheerio McCollum

A little backstory, when in doubt ask your friends from Twitter

CJ McCollum has got so many fans

Again, Joe Ingles is becoming a must follow on Twitter

An update on Sir Charles

Fair statement

Come on now? Leave Dinwiddie alone

BTW, his takes are hot, he is also approaching must follow status

Kyrie is a good dude

Cocky, but also I’m gonna say this is true

Trae Young’s top-five all-time explained

Like who you like Ice Trae

Excellent Question

A little NBA news

Statement from the Clips

Those were the times

There’s always time

Giving is in the air

The only way to stay at home correctly is the way he is doing it

Haven’t we all?

Things have gone too far when NBA reporters start thinking they belong in the league

John Wall does not deserve to be on this list

Never forget! One of my all-time favorite games

Who’s up for a game with Spider Mitchell?

Not one bit!

Much bigger, we are here for you Karl-Anthony Towns, sending you positive vibes

Everyone has their own path, therefore you can never be late

And, go! NBA players only


I do not know how to process, nor answer this question…

The feeling is mutual

This is too punny

How mascots stay busy during a pandemic

Rest in paradise legend

LeBron is a savage, and he is fully aware

More from Kanter

The shade is strong with this one

Clean bill of health

Same news for these two as well

This was one of the most powerful things Steph Curry has ever done

Yes, yes there has been

Another round of applause

We’re with you, Doris Burke

Can’t believe this was nearly three years ago, how time flies


H/T to Steve Ballmer he is doing things right

Melo has been busy on the Gram


Everyone has forgotten Vine, do it for the TikTok

Snow is late March? No thank you

What a tough question to answer

Good choice


We have a different kind of high note this week, courtesy of Twitter Legend Rex Chapman:

With the final NBA games being played over two weeks ago, I went in a different direction with this week’s high note. Because there is nothing better than seeing a health care worker receive the proper recognition they rightfully have earned, enjoy!

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Let’s all get through the week together. Please continue practicing good hygiene, social distancing, and enjoy your downtime at home. The pandemic will all be over someday.