NBA Trade Rumors: Nets to shop young assets in search for third star?

NBA Brooklyn Nets Kyrie Irving (Photo by Paul Bereswill/Getty Images)
NBA Brooklyn Nets Kyrie Irving (Photo by Paul Bereswill/Getty Images) /

NBA Trade Rumors: The Brooklyn Nets are reportedly set to shop their young assets in the search of a third star to stick next to Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have yet to play one minute together on the basketball court for the Brooklyn Nets, but apparently they’re already planning on how to move forward and take this team to the next level.

According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, the belief around the Nets is that they will try and dangle their young assets in an attempt to acquire a third star to stick next to Kyrie and Durant. Windhorst mentioned this on his podcast.

A couple of potential targets that he mentions are Jrue Holiday and Bradley Beal.

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"[via Brian Windhorst & The Hoop Collective Podcast/HT to RealGM]“I believe they have telegraphed they intend to use some of their young talent to acquire a third star along with Kyrie and Durant,” said Brian Windhorst.…But my feel reading the tea leaves, paying attention to what Sean Marks has said and also being aware of some conversations they had at the trade deadline, which was sticking the toe in the water on some things, I think they’re going to swing for the fences whenever the season comes. They’re going to have to potentially hire a coach that is going to help them do that.”"

While interesting, this report should exactly come as a surprise. When Durant and Kyrie agreed to sign with the Nets, you have to believe that there was some sort of understanding that they would try to add more core pieces to try and bring a championship to Brooklyn.

I’m not sure what that could mean in potential targets, but the Nets aren’t short of assets.

A few of the team’s biggest trade chips are Spencer Dinwiddie, Jarrett Allen, Caris LeVertTaurean Prince, and draft picks. You could also potentially add Joe Harris to that list, in the event that they can re-sign him during the summer – or even facilitate a sign-and-trade in a much bigger deal.

The Nets could theoretically put a package together to land a player like Jrue Holiday, surely. As for Bradley Beal, it gets a bit more complicated. The Nets do have assets, however.

After a first season to forget for Kyrie Irving in a Nets uniform, they could be in for a historic 2020-21 season. While plenty of that depends on how Durant looks post-injury, there is a lot to be hopeful about for Brooklyn heading into next season.

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Will Kyrie and Durant be joined by another big name before they take the floor together? From the sound of this report, it won’t come without the Nets trying to make it happen.