NBA to launch 2K tournament on ESPN

The NBA is planning to launch an NBA 2K tournament that will broadcast on ESPN

Basketball is back!

Well, kind of but not really. Though, I hope that those are words that we’ll be able to say on a serious basis sooner rather than later. Nevertheless, as we approach the three-week mark of the NBA’s COID-19 hiatus, many sports networks across the board are trying to find original content. However, that’s pretty difficult to find considerin sports across the world have been put on pause.

One way ESPN is being proactive in that sense is launching an NBA 2K tournament that will broadcast on their family of networks.

According to Yahoo’s Chris Haynes, the NBA is hoping to launch the tournament Friday in which it will involve 16 NBA players over a 10-day stretch. A couple of the players connected to the project are Donovan Mitchell and DeMarcus Cousins.

The NBA is planning a players-only NBA 2K tournament that will feature the league’s sharpest video gamers and it will be broadcast on ESPN, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

It’s unclear which other players are involved at this time, but if this tournament is going to begin by the end of this week you’d imagine that there’ll be some sort of announcement in the next day or two about the players involved in an attempt to create buzz and hype surrounding the broadcasts.

It’s not clear how the broadcasts would work on ESPN, but you’d have to imagine that they will do everything in their power to make each game made-for-TV event. At this point, many basketball fans would take anything basketball-related that, in one form or another, even just remotely resembles the NBA.

I have to believe that this tournament will be a big success if it is done the right way, and this might actually be something that sticks around moving forward. This could be an event that takes place every summer moving forward if it provides some returns.