Detroit Pistons: Blake Griffin has quickly become the NBA’s forgotten star

 Blake Griffin has quickly become the NBA’s biggest forgotten star, but there’s still hope for him and the Detroit Pistons

Blake Griffin has gone through some of the most bizarre couple of years any player has had to go through in their career. With his transition from the LA Clippers to the Detroit Pistons in the middle of the 2018 season, Griffin slowly went off the radar and has been forgotten as an elite power forward in the NBA.

The Pistons have been a mediocre franchise for some time now. After only making the playoffs twice over the past decade, it’s been obvious that they’ve been a lower-tier team in the NBA for some time now.

Blake Griffin was supposed to be the savior for this team next to Andre Drummond in the frontcourt. Despite having great seasons statistically during his tenure in Detroit, the team not flourishing has caused him to sort of be forgotten in some way.

Griffin has seemed to play well during his time in Detroit. When he has been healthy and active, he’s been easily the best player on the floor for the team and the ball usually swings his way on offense. Without Griffin’s presence on the team, the team would be at worse than what it is and it’s more likely they would have not made the playoffs a season ago without his presence.

During the 2018-19 season, Griffin’s performance was able to give him an all-star spot. He averaged 24.5 points along with 7.5 rebounds and 5.4 assists per game. He was displaying a lot of his talent at times handling the ball coming up the floor and showing a little bit of outside range as well. Griffin was able to shoot 46 percent from the field providing much-needed spacing for his Pistons team.

For a moment in time, it seemed as if Griffin should have been recognized as Most Improved Player. He was averaging career numbers and was putting Detroit in a playoff position in the East. Although he was an all-star, it didn’t seem like his improved game was getting a lot of recognition. The man just continued to get better and the world seemed to not have noticed.

Although Griffin was been riddled with injuries all season long, his numbers declined from the past season. The injuries and the poor production that he was getting from his teammates was what caused the Pistons to have a rocky season.

Hopefully moving away from some pieces in Drummond and Reggie Jackson in the middle of the season can create an opportunity for Griffin to come back with some new guys that want to come in and be ready to win.

The NBA world should not give up on Blake Griffin just yet. He’s only 31 years old with a lot left in him. If everything goes correctly next season for Griffin and the Detroit Pistons, maybe we’ll see them in the playoff picture again with expectations to make it far through the postseason.