NBA Mock Offseason: LA Clippers win Finals and Bradley Beal is traded

NBA Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
NBA Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /
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NBA Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James and LA Clippers Kawhi Leonard (Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images) /

Mocking the 2020 NBA offseason in which the LA Clippers win the NBA Finals, Bradley Beal is traded and much much more.

What if the NBA regular season was never interrupted? What would the offseason look like as a result?

Sadly, there is a very real possibility the NBA does not return this year. Having said that, there are a website Playoff Predictors provides the chance (based on tier rankings using current games behind in sets of every 5) that allowed me to simulate the standings. This article takes the basic premise of the season having no interruption, the offseason starting on time and the salary cap/luxury tax not being affected by the virus.

In the current format, the Pelicans wouldn’t have a chance to sneak past the Grizzlies, we may not know how the playoff results which could impact the way teams such as Philadelphia and Houston run their offseason and all the various things we’re missing out on as a result. This article assumes the season finished as usual and brings us to the opening night rosters for the following 2020-21 regular season including the draft, every free agent signing, and every trade that I see coming.

The final rosters do not include the two-way contracts as those are so unrealistic to even predict, but the final 15-man rosters are provided.

The biggest thing to remember is I’m using a $117 million salary cap and $142 million luxury tax threshold (shout out to which as a result of the shortened season is expected to possibly be much lower. I took into account where each team is and where they will be looking to improve based on their direction this offseason.

This isn’t to just make the best team possible for all 30 teams or even what I think each team SHOULD do this offseason. This is more so what I expect to see each team do. I hope you enjoy the remaining 2019-20 regular season, playoffs, 2020 NBA Draft, and 2020 offseason.