NBA: 5 thoughts from ESPN’s top 74 all-time greats list

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NBA Kobe Bryant

NBA Kobe Bryant (Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Five big thoughts from ESPN’s top 74 NBA all-time greats list that was recently released

NBA All-Time lists are always subjective to the creators that are orchestrating the rankings and the viewers who are comprehending it. Everyone has their own philosophy on how an all-time sports list should be made.

A player’s talent, individual success, and championship acumen are all elements that are considered when ranking individuals in such a category. However, a person may value one of these three categories over another as well as sprinkle in their impact on the overall sport they played. Those qualifications may overrate, underrate, or rightly rank certain players depending on who you ask or challenge.

ESPN made its top 74 All-Time NBA greats list and it contains various individuals that they consider as inspirational to the game of basketball. Some are certified legends that deserve to be enamored with justified praise as the all-time greats of the game. Others are slightly either overvalued or devalued for whatever it is worth. Here, I will touch base on five thoughts on players from the list.

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