NBA: 5 in-depth documentaries that fans need after ‘The Last Dance’

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NBA former Heat forward LeBron James (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)

Taking a closer look at five possible in-depth documentaries that NBA fans would want to see next after the conclusion of “The Last Dance.”

After the conclusion of “The Last Dance” documentary that centered around Michael Jordan‘s final season with the Chicago Bulls (1997-98), it’s safe to say that it will go down as one of the best of its kind in history. While it certainly has its critics, the documentary was exactly what we should’ve expected.

Even though it might not have delivered on the revelations and never-before-heard stories that many were expecting, it did give an inside look at Jordan’s final season and all the buried storylines that went into the breakup of arguably the greatest dynasty in NBA history.

Save for another Michael Jordan documentary, or perhaps even one of LeBron James when his time comes, there’s no likely another one that will gain as much hype and internet traction as ‘The Last Dance’ did.

Nevertheless, there are still plenty of potential documentaries that could be tackled next when it comes to the NBA. After the success that “The Last Dance” experienced, there’s no question that we’re going to see another NBA-centric documentary, and probably sooner rather than later.

Question is, what will the topic(s) be? We explore five in-depth NBA documentaries that fans need to see after “The Last Dance.”

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