Stephen Curry’s 2015-16 season was amongst the best ever in NBA history

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Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Why Stephen Curry’s 2015-16 season is among the best ever

Golden State Warriors star point guard Stephen Curry is no stranger to having spectacular accolades. His 2015-16 season is filled with them. In fact, I’d argue his 2015-16 season is an accolade in and of itself.

Imagine you’re taking part in the ultimate, all-time fantasy draft; one where every player, and every season of every player, is up for grabs. Your goal is to draft the best starting five possible.

Now imagine which player (and which specific season of said player) would be at the top of your draft board for the point guard position. It might be the 1986-87 Magic Johnson season, that would be totally fair; or it might even be Oscar Robertson’s 1961-62 triple-double season, that also would be a completely respectable pick.

To me though, while fair, those picks would be wrong. Rather, the first point guard season at the top of my draft board would be none other than Steph Curry’s 2016 season.

I think most others would give me the nod of approval in regards to that decision though, to be honest. Curry undoubtedly had one of the best point guard seasons of all-time in 2016. Therefore I’ll up the ante even further; not only would Curry’s 2016 season be at the top of my point guard draft board, but it would also be sitting near the top of my “No. 1 overall pick rankings.”

Call me crazy, but 2016 Curry might one of the first players I select in this hypothetical fantasy draft. I’m talking up there with 1991 Michael Jordan or 2013 LeBron James; I think that Curry’s performance was that good. I was recently reminded this when rewatching a Warriors/Thunder game from 2016 the other day; doing so was what actually sparked me to write this article.

I’m writing this to lay everything out there is regarding Curry’s 2016 season. I’m writing this to make the case for it being one of the best seasons of basketball that anyone has ever seen

So with that being said, for argument’s sake, here’s my top-to-bottom case to having Curry’s 2016 season near the top of my all-time fantasy draft board; here’s my case for Curry’s 2016 season being the greatest season of basketball ever played.

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