New Orleans Pelicans: Will Zion Williamson get another shot in 2019-20?

NBA could open the door for Zion Williamson and New Orleans Pelicans

Zion Williamson missed the first few months of his rookie season due to a knee injury, but in the short time he was on the floor for the New Orleans Pelicans he was mightily impressive. As were the team as a whole.

During the 19 games that he was healthy and in the lineup for the Pelicans, Zion would go on to average 24 points, seven rebounds, and two assists on 59 percent shooting from the field and 46 percent shooting from 3-point range. As a team, the Pelicans were 10-9 in the 19 games that Zion was active.

However, with the chance that the NBA might elect to jump right into the playoffs when/if the season is resumed, there’s a growing chance that we’ve seen the last of Zion in his rookie season. Interestingly, there are whispers that there are scenarios in which the Pelicans, along with Zion, find themselves in the playing bubble when the season resumes.

Will we see Zion Williamson play again this season?

Among the various options on the table, Zion Williamson and the Pelicans would find themselves in the playing bubble in any scenario that includes a playoff-plus format. In other words, one that either includes a group stage play, a play-in tournament before the actual playoffs or even playing a few regular-season games before jumping into postseason play.

Though you’d have to think, the further the resumption of play is pushed back, the less likely is the possibility that we’ll see the Pelicans again this season. Even if each NBA team is given 3-5 regular-season games before the playoffs, if the Pelicans don’t have much of a shot to make the playoff field, I don’t believe New Orleans – or any other team in a similar spot – has any reason to play some of their bigger-name players.

Interestingly, there are whispers that some could be pushing for some sort of playoff-plus format in an attempt to get one of the league’s biggest stars in the playing bubble – Zion Williamson.

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“Let me just say how do you get to 20 though?” said Brian Windhorst. “Because if you just go by the straight records, because to me, this is what I’ve already heard, alright. I’ve already heard people in this league say this is an elaborate game to get Zion Williamson into this bubble.”

There’s really no way to safely say this is truth, but it is an interesting tidbit, to say the least. There’s no denying that Zion is one of the league’s biggest stars. And could you imagine an opening series between either Zion and Giannis Antetokounmpo or Zion and LeBron James?

The ratings would absolutely be through the roof.

If the NBA is trying to find a way to get its biggest stars in the playing bubble, I’m all for it. And there’s no question that Zion Williamson should be part of that list. After all, that’s what the NBA excels at best – putting its biggest on the grandest of stages.