Black Lives Matter movement will change the NBA

Bradley Beal marches to the MLK Memorial to support Black Lives Matter (Photo by Michael A. McCoy/Getty Images)
Bradley Beal marches to the MLK Memorial to support Black Lives Matter (Photo by Michael A. McCoy/Getty Images) /

The Black Lives Matter movement will change the NBA

There is nothing more intense, urgent, and powerful than witnessing the unique spread of a (well-needed) global movement. It’s almost like a feeling of waking up from a prolonged trance, wherein you were blinded of your true rights and freedoms, only to arise and feel empowered and energized, ready to create change where it must be influenced.

However, in recent times we have never witnessed a movement quite as powerful and polarizing as the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests, that have seemingly shaken the globe in a new direction headed firmly towards change and reform.

As many different factors such as culture, status, money, interests, and others divide us, when
humans are struck with a large issue, everyone is touched by it, regardless of cash or clout. The
BLM movement has reached its peak during one of the most obscure times in recent memory
when the world is struggling to recover from a pandemic.

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However, although the time may not be ideal, it is unquestionably the perfect time to speak up. The results have been incredible with companies, celebrities, and athletes alike, all supporting and protesting the racial injustices of America like never before. The movement has rolled in strong and anybody who stands in the way of their message or denies the obvious racial injustices dividing the American people, are given no mercy, no longer.

This has effectively brought about its fair share of change already with certain companies and
celebrities being called out for their current or past racial injustices. The oppressed are no
longer conforming to the status quo and change has been rapidly implemented and continues
to occur daily.

With African-Americans making up more than 50 percent of NFL players, as well as
over 70 percent of the NBA’s athletes, it goes without question that American sports will be heavily affected by the change caused by the Black Lives Matter movement. The NBA (who pride
themselves on being a socially conscious organization that supports its players over its owners)
are currently going through issues within, after it was reported that over 200-plus NBA athletes had voiced their concerns about returning to play out the rest of the season in Florida, due to the current social climate in America.

If you’re an NBA fan, expect serious change. I’m not referring to just an extra sticker on your
homecourt that pays tribute to the movement, but a complete reshaping of the league
potentially that may be leveraged to allow black millionaires and billionaires, as well as former
players, to be given an opportunity to own a team, work in the front office, or coach a squad.

The league could move towards setting up events and affairs specifically dedicated to the
development and support of Black Lives Matter. The NBA has always had positive relations with
their players, even during times of tension, however, how they will react to this uprising as an
organization will truly signify their support or lack thereof, for their players.

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The changes that arise from the BLM movement have yet to have been specified, however, what we do know is change isn’t coming, it is here, at your doorstep.