Kevin Durant doesn’t believe (or trust) in the NBA’s restart

Kevin Durant is critical about the NBA’s restart plan

A few weeks ago, there were whispers about whether Kevin Durant would be healthy enough to participate in the NBA’s restart plan. While it created content during a bleak few months for the NBA, it was nothing more than that.

Earlier this month, Durant confirmed that he won’t return for the restart. Interestingly enough, he recently said in an interview on the Dawg Talk podcast that he probably wouldn’t have played if he was healthy anyway. He mentioned the uncertainty that remains in the NBA’s plan and the overall situation where we stand as a country in regards to the pandemic.

He did mention that it was easy for him to take that stance since he’s injured and can’t play either way. Nevertheless, it was certainly an interesting stance.

At least from the NBA’s point of view, that’s not exactly what you want one of the faces of the league to say. As the league inches closer to their return to play, the last thing they want to hear is some of its biggest stars stating how unsteady the plan is.

Even though Durant isn’t playing either way, as he mentioned, it’s certainly not a great look when one of the biggest names in the sports questions a league’s return to play plan. Again, this could all be straightened out by the league answering some of the player’s biggest concerns. However, it appears that the league’s plan to return is still being adjusted with the current situation that continues to unravel in and around the state of Florida.

The NBA has released the team’s travel plans to enter the bubble, which will begin after July 4. The hope is that the league will be able to, at the very least, limit the amount of positive COVID-19 cases that they’ll have to deal with in the bubble.

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However, at this point, there’s no certainty that the plan will work or how effective it’ll be. The NBA knows there’s a certain amount of risk that will be taking place with this plan. Hopefully, it doesn’t backfire on them.

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