New York Knicks: Jason Kidd has emerged as a ‘frontrunner’ for coaching job

Jason Kidd has emerged as a frontrunner for the New York Knicks’ job

Almost immediately after it announced that the New York Knicks would be conducting a head-coaching search, Tom Thibodeau’s name emerged as the frontrunner to eventually win the job. That has been the case through the first round, at least, of the team’s coaching search.

However, according to a recent report, that could be beginning to change. According to a report from the New York Daily News, Jason Kidd has emerged as a frontrunner to win the job. The report states that a potential hurdle has arisen between a Thibodeau and Knicks agreement.

The Knicks coaching search has turned messy with Jason Kidd emerging as a frontrunner after contract negotiations with Tom Thibodeau stalled, a plugged-in NBA source told the Daily News.

Would the New York Knicks really hire Jason Kidd?

If nothing else, this has quickly transformed into an interesting scenario that should be followed over the next few days. Even in this report, it’s quite clear that Thibodeau is still the favorite to win the job. However, if they can’t reach an agreement, it seems Kidd will be the man to step in.

Why this report has leaked is a big question. Generally, there’s a reason why stories like this are leaked to the media. One side is trying to accomplish something with this bit of information.

Objectively, this could be coming from the Knicks. If they are trying to pressure Thibodeau in contract negotiations, this could be one tactic.

If Thibodeau genuinely wants the job, leaking this report could get him back to the negotiating table or potentially have hit give-in on a demand by the organization. In the end, there’s a good chance that this could just be a ploy from the organization and that it’s still just a matter of “when,” and not “if,” Thibodeau is named the head coach of the Knicks.

At the same rate, you have to believe that the Knicks are at least somewhat confident in Kidd’s ability. The Knicks have to be willing to hire Jason Kidd in the event that Tom Thibodeau calls their bluff.

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Despite this report, I’m still very much skeptical about the New York Knicks “willingness” to hire Jason Kidd over Tom Thibodeau.

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