Golden State Warriors: 4 options in play with the No. 2 overall draft pick

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NBA Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr (Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images)

Four prospects in play for the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Draft

The Golden State Warriors didn’t win the 2020 NBA Draft Lottery, but they were awarded the second overall pick. Even in a draft that many would say is somewhat disappointing in terms of overall talent depth, there’s still a great chance that the Warriors will be able to come away with a really good player.

Of course, that’s if they so choose to keep the pick.

There are a few assumptions that we’ll need to proceed within this article. First, we’ll assume that the Warriors will make a selection at No. 2 overall. While there’s a chance that the Warriors could either move this pick before the draft or are picking for another team during the draft, we’ll assume that they’re making this selection with hopes of keeping the player.

Secondly, let’s assume that with the first pick the Minnesota Timberwolves will select Anthony Edwards.

With that set in stone, let’s take a look at four options that will be in play for the Golden State Warriors with the No. 2 overall pick.

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