The Milwaukee Bucks have some self-assessing to do in the offseason

The Milwaukee Bucks need to make some changes

If I’m a Milwaukee Bucks fan, I’m LOSING my mind right now. And honestly, no one would blame me. As of Tuesday night, the Bucks have been eliminated prematurely from the playoffs for the second consecutive season.

Now, last year after taking a 2-0 series lead they lost four straight to the eventual champion Toronto Raptors, a team that got hot at the right time so I’ll take that. But this year? Thanks to a pretty lucky win in Game 4 they weren’t swept by the Miami Heat, but this series didn’t look pretty at all.

So, what’s wrong? They’re the best team in the league record-wise. Again. They’re still led by an  MVP.candidate. And oh yeah, they have another all-star, the league’s leading 3-point shooter, both the top offense and defense and quality depth. Milwaukee, what’s it going to take?

We’re all wondering because we have questions. Are you just a regular-season team? After winning homecourt advantage throughout the playoffs the last two seasons and doing nothing with it, we’re beginning to question it. Is it Giannis Antetokounmpo? After destroying the league the last two regular seasons in every facet of the game and then turning pedestrian at best come postseason, is Giannis truly the star he’s made out to be. Is Khris Middleton enough?

Now, it’s easy to note that the games Giannis does come out firing, Middleton oftentimes goes missing. And people have already been saying that Middleton can be the perfect third star but not a number two. So, do the Bucks need a more complimentary two for Giannis or will Middleton finally step up? And if so, then when? Is Budenholzer the right man for the job? Don’t get me wrong, Mike’s done an admirable job as the head coach of the Bucks since coming from Atlanta.

He’s become coach of the year for another time in his career, coached an MVP candidate and multiple all-stars, and has coached excellence on both ends with a top-notch rating offensively and defensively in 2020. But in the postseason, his teams have failed to score when it matters most and he seems to fail most by not going into the deep rotation that got him there in the first place.

You have talent, Milwaukee. Giannis is a freak and I’m all-in on the whole, “Future face of the league,” debate regarding his potential and the pieces are there but there’s just something holding you guys back.

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All I’m saying is figure it out and soon. The summer of Giannis will be here before you know it and who knows when you’ll be back here. If ever.

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