2020 NBA Flop of Fame Induction: Marcus Smart, Kyle Lowry standout amongst the rest

NBA Kyle Lowry and Marcus Smart (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
NBA Kyle Lowry and Marcus Smart (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

Introducing the NBA’s 2020 Flop of Fame class

Thank you everyone for coming! The greatly anticipated moment NBA fans have longed for has finally arrived. So many greats over the years have been awarded for the Golden Flip Flop to commemorate their induction into the Flop of Fame.

It’s wonderful to see some of the premiere flop artists who paved the way here with us today. I mean, it’s not every day you see Kevin McHale and Bill Laimbeer in the same room with no blood involved. Great to see you guys.

And do not get too close to Manu, we’d hate to see any hors d’oeuvres or drinks hit the floor. Speaking of hitting the floor, we just want you to know that we do have some extra wheelchairs in the back if needed but Paul Pierce, we do encourage you to use the bathroom before it’s too late.

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Now just a few housekeeping items before we get to the main event. If you see what appears to be a very hairy cat on the floor, do not be alarmed. It’s just Anderson Varejao taking a dive. But if you think you see a hairless cat, well that’s just Derek Fisher trying to get a call. Lastly, if it’s somewhere in between a furry cat and a skinless cat, well that’s just LeBron James hitting the floor.

Okay, now the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Who will join the ranks of Flop of Fame greats?  We had so many incredible nominees this year so let’s take a look at the honorable mentions. Just a few days ago we witnessed a flop fest like no other between James Harden and Chris Paul. Congrats guy.

We have also seen a full flailing display from the Joker as Patrick Beverley pointed and then immediately overreacted trying to get through a screen. Bravo fellas.

All of these candidates dove, begged for calls, and appeared to be hit by a sniper from the rafters after the lightest of contact and though impressive, not enough to claim this year’s crown. Drum roll, please…

Wow! In a stunning turn of events, the committee this year was unable to award the Golden Flip Flop to just one candidate. That’s right, we have 2 inductees this year! May I present the 2020 Flop of Fame inductees Marcus Smart and Kyle Lowry!

The tandem, though on different teams, has put together a flopping seven-game series never seen before. As the series got tighter, so did the flopping. Whether it was Marcus diving into the off-ball player on a fast break or Kyle Lowry…well, doing Kyle Lowry things, the two of you put on a series for the ages. Congrats guys!

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Well, that does it for this year’s Flop of Fame. We look forward to next year when we’ll inevitably have to let in Luka.