Toronto Raptors: Kyle Lowry is the heart and soul of a champion

Kyle Lowry leads the Toronto Raptors into another Game 7

Most think when someone is flying all over the court it is because of their extraordinary leaping ability, well Toronto Raptors star and leading man Kyle Lowry’s flying comes from his persistent play style and the charges he draws.

Kyle Lowry is a lot of things, he’s an All-Star, he’s annoying (if you’re rooting for the team he’s playing against), and he is a player who really cares. Every time you see him on the court, he’s trying. He even yelled “AND ONE”  on a layup while up by 20 on the Brooklyn Nets at one point this season.

This Eastern Conference Semifinals matchup between the Boston Celtics and Toronto Raptors has been wild; the Raptors have been blown out (in Games 1 and 5), been saved by a last millisecond shot (in Game 3), and also held strong to outlast Boston in double OT (in Game 6). With the series now tied 3-3, Kyle Lowry has cemented his status as a Court General.

There is a reason why prior to this season, the Raptors decided to give a 34-year-old Kyle Lowry a one-year extension. They knew if they were to trade him they’d go from possible repeat to a full-blown rebuild.

While Fred VanVleet and Pascal Siakam have struggled this series, Lowry has stepped up and has done what is needed to win.  Which has included playing over 40 minutes a game four times in this series, and specifically 53 minutes in Game 6.

Kyle Lowry has been a six-time All-Star, a third-team All-NBA player, and most importantly an NBA champion. While the player (Kawhi Leonard) who got most of the credit for the championship has left, Kyle has kept them relevant.

Kyle Lowry is a true point guard, he picks his spots while also making sure the Raptors play great team basketball. He is not this modern combo guard disguised as a point guard, who goes for 25 and seven each game. Lowry does what is needed to put his team in the best position to win.

When you look at all of the point guards in the league it is hard to find many above Lowry who can be a leader, play great offense, and also play great defense. Even many superstar point guards will only give you two of those things.

We have no idea how Game 7 will play out, this series has been a headache to predict. The one thing that is certain is that Kyle Lowry will show up and do everything he can to win that game.