LeBron James adds to his legacy, winning in Los Angeles

LeBron James continues to build legacy after winning his fourth NBA title

With the Larry O’Brien and Bill Russell Finals MVP trophies now firmly in his grasp, LeBron James prevailed in his quest to win his fourth NBA championship along with his fourth Finals MVP award and also the Los Angeles Lakers‘ 17th title in franchise history.

Victorious in his 10th appearance in the Finals, James improved his overall record in the championship round to 4-6 all while averaging an eye-popping 30 points, 12 rebounds, and 8.5 assists. He was magnificent throughout the difficult path it took to get there as he dominated the Blazers, Rockets, Nuggets, and the Heat.

James constantly shows up on the biggest stage in the biggest of games as he is destined for these huge moments as he is always determined to succeed. There is no bigger stage than the NBA Finals and if it seems like James ever feels any pressure, it only makes him shine like a diamond in all aspects while his ability to consistently produce when it counts will define his legacy.

James has had to deal with expectations since he was drafted No. 1 overall in 2003 when he was labeled as “The Chosen One.” He has faced challenges and adversity head-on most recent as Jimmy Butler went at him full throttle giving his best effort to prevent James from capturing his fourth title as he got the best of James on multiple occasions.

But James, never one to back down or waver from a challenge as we have witnessed over the years, answered back with enormous production of his own as he eventually overshadowed Butler’s performance during their epic battle. James understands the grind and hustle of the postseason and knows how to adjust to any given situation, whether he is playing from behind or protecting a lead.

After both losses to the Heat in the Finals, James responded by averaging 28 points, 13 rebounds along with nine assists. James is 35 years old and appears as if he isn’t slowing down or declining any time soon. One may believe that the 35-year-old superstar’s window of opportunity to continue his dominance should be closing, but opposing teams know that they will eventually have to cross paths with this juggernaut of a player if they have any hopes of capturing an NBA title of their own in the next couple of years.

James has found success everywhere he has played, whether in Cleveland, Miami, or LA. His success in the playoffs speaks for itself, and while triumphs in the regular season are cool, the playoffs are where it matters the most. King James has been so consistent when performing in the playoffs he currently ranks first in points scored, steals, minutes and games played.

He is also top 10 in playoff rebounds, top 3 in playoff assists, and top 15 in blocks. James also ranks second in playoff triple-doubles and is only two shy of tying Magic Johnson for the most all-time. He has only missed the playoffs three times in his 17-year career; his first two seasons in the league and his first year as a member of the Lakers.

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LeBron James’s showing in the Finals displayed the dedication, hard work, will to win, and his ability as a leader while continuing to prove the critics wrong and showing why he remains the best player on the planet. James earned his title of being the “King,” he earned this championship and earned his respect while reserving the right to wear the crown. What he has accomplished this season has been memorable as well as unique in it’s own right as King James continues to reign supreme.