Boston Celtics: Andre Drummond is not the answer at the center position

Andre Drummond isn’t the answer for the Boston Celtics

Even though many view the center position in the NBA as an afterthought, stating that it’s a position that is quickly changing as teams downsize more and more, the Boston Celtics are one team that will likely be looking for some starting-caliber talent at the position during the offseason.

Whether that be via trade or free agency, the Celtics will be looking to add talent and depth at the position. If they could, they’d love to land a starter. One name that could be in play, depending on what happens between him and the Cleveland Cavaliers over the summer, is Andre Drummond.

Drummond has a player option for the 2021 season but hasn’t made a decision one way or another yet. He hasn’t tipped his hand one way or another either and is reportedly open to extending with the Cavs (should he opt for free agency this summer).

Drummond was traded to the Cavaliers at the 2020 NBA Trade Deadline and is coming off a season in which he averaged 18 points, 15 rebounds, and 1.5 blocks per game on 53 percent shooting from the field.

With that said, such a move would come with some criticism for the Celtics. Not only would it be an expensive one, but some would question his fit on such a modern-run system.

Drummond is still a good player and carries value even in the ever-changing culture of today’s NBA. With that said, at his current price-point (he’s due to make $28 million next season), I don’t believe he’s the “answer” for any team at the center position. Drummond makes even less sense considering the Celtics’ scheme and the way they thrive in space on both ends of the floor.

Boston can’t overreact to the Eastern Conference Finals’ result against the Miami Heat. Even though they had no answer for Bam Adebayo, I’m still bullish on the idea that we’re going to enter the 2021 season with Drummond as the Bam stopper.

Could he be effective against him? Absolutely. The bottom line is that Drummond won’t be enough of a difference-maker for the Celtics to balance out the cost of such a move.

The Boston Celtics will very much be in the contention mix of the Eastern Conference next season. They can’t afford to make a knee-jerk move for a player that may or may not play a vital role in the team next season.