NBA Trade Rumors: Houston Rockets want player in exchange for P.J. Tucker

NBA Trade Rumors: The Houston Rockets have an asking price for P.J. Tucker 

The Houston Rockets are expected to be active in the weeks leading up to the NBA Trade Deadline, and the player that most expects them to move, at least, is P.J. Tucker. It was recently reported that the Rockets and DeMarcus Cousins had reportedly agreed to part ways.

Tucker could be the next player on the move.

The good news for contenders interested in potentially adding Tucker is that it’s been reported that the Rockets are looking for a player, and not picks, in a potential deal.

That would help contenders such as the Milwaukee Bucks, Brooklyn Nets, and others that don’t necessarily have picks to be moved. It will likely open up a robust market for Tucker over the next couple of weeks.

Tucker hasn’t played a huge role for the Rockets this season but is going to be an appealing target for many teams looking to add depth and versatility to its frontcourt. Tucker, 35, is averaging five points and five rebounds per game on 33 percent shooting from 3-point range. He’s a great versatile defender that any contender would love to add during the second half of the season, in an attempt to solidify a playoff push.

What becomes even more interesting is if the Rockets are open to potentially packaging Tucker with one of their other players, such as Victor Oladipo or Eric Gordon. In that case, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a contender make a big swing.

A struggling team such as the Miami Heat would be an interesting suitor for both Oladipo and Tucker. It remains to be seen if the Heat would be willing to go all-in on Oladipo, however.

It’s not a player that they were willing to target during the offseason and with him being a free agent after this season, it wouldn’t make much sense for Miami to send significant assets. Especially if they have the cap to sign him outright during the offseason.

The Rockets are going to be active in the next few weeks. P.J. Tucker appears to be a good candidate to be moved first. Will there be other Rockets players to follow?