NBA Trade Rumors: 21 trade candidates and predicting possible landing spots

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Victor Oladipo
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NBA trade candidate: Victor Oladipo, Houston Rockets

Trade confidence meter: 7/10

With the likelihood that Victor Oladipo will decide to leave the Houston Rockets in free agency during the offseason, I don’t know how the Rockets can decide not to trade him at the trade deadline.

It’ll be interesting to see what their asking price is for Oladipo at the deadline and how it evolves as it grows closer and closer. The Rockets can’t be too picky when it comes to their asking price as there is a chance that they lose him for nothing during the summer.

Considering he was one of the big pieces of the James Harden deal, the Rockets can’t afford to lose him for nothing this summer.

Two teams that have been linked to Victor Oladipo this season are the Miami Heat and New York Knicks.

Ideal destination: Miami Heat