Golden State Warriors: Is it time to start looking forward to next season?

Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /

After another injury to Stephen Curry, perhaps it’s time for the Golden State Warriors to start looking forward to next season. 

After watching franchise savior Stephen Curry leave Wednesday night’s game against the Houston Rockets with a tailbone contusion (bruise), it may be time for the Golden State Warriors to officially begin looking toward next season.

The Warriors were able to secure the victory 108-94 without Curry playing any of the fourth quarter, but no one honestly expects this to be a regular occurrence while the chef is away from his kitchen.

The Warriors are currently 21-20 which has them in ninth place in the Western Conference. If the playoffs began today, they [Warriors] would be part of the play-in tournament that now precedes the real playoffs.

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While the jury is still out on the NBA’s post-season expansion experiment, this is where the Warriors find themselves less than two years removed from an NBA Finals appearance.

With Curry in the lineup, this team is barely treading water and struggling to remain in the playoff picture. Why rush him [Curry] back? To be a play-in team? Even if they play their way into the first round of the playoffs, it is highly unlikely this Warriors crew will win a seven-game series in the Western Conference.

Curry will likely miss at least the next couple of games. There is no need to rush him back just to get blown away in a first-round playoff matchup. Or even worse, not make it through the play-in tournament. Oh boy, Rob Parker would have a field day with that.

Warriors fans should start a new slogan like what Seattle Seahawks fans have started up for their franchise quarterback (for the moment) Russell Wilson. “Let Steph rest.” That is clearly what he needs right now. Rest. No reason to risk any further injury to your superstar.

This season was doomed once Klay Thompson ruptured his Achilles a month before the season started. Any hopes the Warriors had of getting back into title contention went out the window that day.

Now, I’m not usually a proponent of teams tanking per se, nor am I aggressively suggesting this philosophy. We’ve already seen this team without Curry and Klay, they won’t need to actively tank the rest of the season. Just put the team out there and let them play their way into a second consecutive losing season.

If this injury keeps Curry out past a week or two then just go ahead and let him sit and rest. The Warriors still can’t have fans at home games and the teams that can are only allowed a small amount anyway. So, they wouldn’t be cheating fans out of watching Curry cook their team on the court.

The decision to let Curry sit and fully heal makes the most sense at this point in the season. The Warriors are going nowhere fast, so it makes little to no sense for Curry to hurry back in hopes of barely hanging onto the ninth seed where they currently sit in the West. This doesn’t mean he should sit out the rest of the season. No. It simply means he should take as much time as needed to heal this latest injury. Whether that be two weeks, four weeks, or even longer. Do whatever it takes and heal properly.

For those fans worried about Curry’s contract status, relax. He isn’t going anywhere. The two sides will get a deal done that keeps Curry in the Bay Area until he’s 40 or close to it. This team needs to get through the season as healthy as possible then await the return of Thompson next season.

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It will be intriguing to see what this franchise can do once fully healthy again, and the splash brothers are back at it together in the backcourt for Golden State.