NBA Trade Rumors: 3 big deals that would shake deadline day

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Victor Oladipo
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NBA trades that would shake up deadline day: Victor Oladipo lands in Denver

This is really a simple trade, but I liked it due to the sheer fact I think Victor Oladipo would be a perfect scheme fit in Denver. Oladipo can attack the rim, create his own shot, and give a team 3 point shooting which Denver could use next to Jamal Murray. Losing Gary Harris on the defensive side of the basketball may be upsetting, but you get a very solid and willing defender in Oladipo. I feel like this is a low risk, high reward for the Nuggets to take as they will have to give up a first-rounder this year, but with the teams, goals, and aspirations should be in the low 20’s.

This trade could be seen as a premium rental because Oladipo could(and most likely) walk at the end of the season as he is set to hit unrestricted free agency. His 20 million will be off the books allowing the Nuggets to have some cap flexibility in the coming offseason. One would have to think if Oladipo would play well on a contending Nuggets team would that be enough to maybe sway his interests to stay in Denver?