NBA Trade Deadline: 8 marquee players most likely to be moved on deadline day

NBA Atlanta Hawks John Collins (Russell Isabella-USA TODAY Sports)
NBA Atlanta Hawks John Collins (Russell Isabella-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Sacramento Kings
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Marquee NBA players most likely to be traded: Harrison Barnes, Sacramento Kings:

A versatile player who can score and defend multiple positions as a 3-and-D specialist, Harrison Barnes can be a welcomed addition to any contending team. With a crowded frontcourt and due to the fact that the Kings may very well miss the postseason once again, a fresh start elsewhere and a change of scenery could do Barnes some good.

A great fit for Barnes would be with the Boston Celtics and teaming up with their dynamic duo of all-stars Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. Barnes would be able to take some pressure off of them defensively as he is capable of guarding the opposing team’s best player which would allow Tatum and Brown to stay out of foul trouble and keeping them both refreshed and energized late into games when the Celtics need them to take over games.

Danny Ainge is a genius when it comes to adding players to the roster who can improve the team and it is going to be very interesting to see what deals he will be able to pull off and if he can be successful acquiring Barnes at the deadline.