NBA Trade Deadline: 8 marquee players most likely to be moved on deadline day

NBA Atlanta Hawks John Collins (Russell Isabella-USA TODAY Sports)
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LaMarcus Aldridge
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Marquee NBA players most likely to be traded: LaMarcus Aldridge, San Antonio Spurs

While the game appears to have outgrown his role in the modern NBA, the San Antonio Spurs decided to part ways with LaMarcus Aldridge as they seek a trade for him before the deadline. Aldridge just wasn’t a good fit as the Spurs are grooming their young core of players.

While he is still a good secondary scorer and can get double-digit rebounds, Aldridge can become an immediate asset for a contender or any team attempting to a playoff push. An ideal destination for Aldridge would be Phoenix.

He could help them in the frontcourt playing alongside Deandre Ayton and could develop a viable pick-and-pop combination with playmaking point guard Chris Paul. A return to the Portland Trail Blazers would also be an ideal fit due to the injuries to big men Jusuf Nurkic and Zach Collins.

Aldridge could either come off the bench or start whenever he is needed and is added insurance in the event someone else suffers an injury in the frontcourt.