NBA Trade Deadline Tracker: Instant reaction to each deadline deal

NBA Toronto Raptors Kyle Lowry . (Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images)
NBA Toronto Raptors Kyle Lowry . (Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images) /

Our NBA Trade Deadline Tracker will keep you updated with the latest on deadline day. 

NBA Trade Deadline Day is finally here. After weeks and months of rumors and rumblings, many fans and teams are finally going to get some finality to many questions that have grown over the recent past.

A few of them to keep track of throughout the day involve the fate of Kyle Lowry, whether the Boston Celtics will make a big trade or not, what the Los Angeles Lakers do, and how many big-names will actually be moved today.

All in all, based on the past few weeks, there’s at least a decent chance that we see some significant player movement today. Whether or not that actually comes to fruition remains to be seen, but we could be in for a fun Thursday afternoon.

In this NBA Trade Deadline Tracker, we will do our best to keep readers updated with the latest rumors and rumblings heading toward the deadline, and then offer some instant reaction to each deal that takes place over the course of the day.

As expected, we will begin with rumors for the day and update as news begins to break.

(Note: The most updated information will be found at the top of this piece.)

The Miami Heat land Victor Oladipo

The Raptors keep Kyle Lowry

J.J. Redick heading to Dallas.

It’s no surprise that the Mavs have added a shooter and J.J. Redick will be a welcomed addition to the team heading into the playoffs.

Rajon Rondo is traded to the LA Clippers

It seems like playoff Rajon Rondo is on its way back. The Atlanta Hawks are getting Lou Williams, an explosive scorer that will help this team off the bench, from the Clippers.

Kyle Lowry will be traded to the Lakers of Heat, it appears

If Kyle Lowry indeed wants to be in Miami, I wonder how this changes negotiations on any front. Either way, it sounds like Lowry is headed to Los Angeles or Miami.

The Sixers might be out on Kyle Lowry

A lot can change over the next two hours, but it appears the Kyle Lowry sweepstakes has come down to the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat – or a dark horse team emerging.

The Portland Trail Blazers get Norman Powell

We are officially on the move. The Blazers send Gary Trent Jr. and Rodney Hood to Toronto for Norman Powell. Interesting move for both sides.

The Philadelphia 76ers get their point guard

The Philadelphia 76ers get George Hill. I’m not sure if this effectively takes them out of the Kyle Lowry sweepstakes, but this certainly gives the team insurance in the event that they aren’t able to make a splash-move.

The Miami Heat makes a move, not for Kyle Lowry

Well, the Miami Heat makes a move. It may not be the one we were all expecting but they add some depth to their frontcourt. They’ve needed it.

The Denver Nuggets get stronger

The Denver Nuggets make a big move to add Aaron Gordon, who will fill the role that was left when Jerami Grant signed with the Detroit Pistons during the offseason. For the Magic, they get another pick to rebuild and a good player in Gary Harris and a young prospect in RJ Hampton.

The Boston Celtics acquire Evan Fournier

It’s not a surprise that the Boston Celtics were able to grab a scoring wing as they’ve had trouble on both ends of the floor this season with consistency. It’ll be interesting to see if this is the only move that the Celtics make. They certainly have the assets to make another move happen and it would be quite disappointing if Danny Ainge and Boston just came away with Fournier at the deadline. A solid move, nonetheless.

The New York Knicks have emerged as a potential landing spot for Evan Fournier

Now that the Orlando Magic is in a full-blown rebuild, don’t be surprised if we see several trades made on their behalf. And the Knicks are reportedly showing interest in Evan Fournier who, along with Aaron Gordon, could be the next to go.

Op, and there’s the first big move of the day – Nikola Vucevic is headed to Chicago.

Who would’ve guessed that the Magic would trade Nikola Vuevic before Aaron Gordon, but here we are. The Bulls are getting a really good big and are sending out a young prospect, Otto Porter Jr., and two first-round picks. Orlando is now officially in a full-blown rebuild and it would be highly surprising if Gordon isn’t moved at this point.

Buckle up, we’re just getting started.

The Orlando Magic are open for business on deadline day

At this point, I’d be surprised to see the Orlando Magic not make a move ahead of the deadline. Aaron Gordon seems like a safe bet to be moved but it will take a lot for Orlando to part ways with Nikola Vucevic.

The Denver Nuggets win the sweepstakes for JaVale McGee

The Nuggets add depth to their frontcourt by adding JaVale McGee who will add energy and much-needed length to their bench. McGee could be a spot starter and play a valuable role off the bench in the playoffs if needed.

He gives Denver size and versatility heading into the playoffs.

The Lakers, Heat, and Sixers are seriously trying to land Kyle Lowry

It’s no surprise that the Sixers, Lakers, and Heat are all-in in their pursuit of Kyle Lowry and it will be interesting to see which team, if any, prevail today. Lowry, even at 35, is still one of the best point guards and leaders in the NBA.

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He’d certainly change and raise the ceiling for any team that is able to acquire him at the NBA Trade Deadline. Any last-minute trade predictions? It’s finally here!