NBA Trade Rumors: The two best fit for Lonzo Ball ahead of the deadline

NBA New Orleans Pelicans Lonzo Ball (Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images)
NBA New Orleans Pelicans Lonzo Ball (Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images) /

NBA Trade Rumors: Exploring Lonzo Ball’s trade value ahead of the deadline and outlining two great fits. 

The NBA Trade Deadline is just a few hours away with a lot of transactions expected to take place. New Orleans Pelicans guard Lonzo Ball has been amid rumors, believing that his name will be apart of a trade that takes place. Ball’s development as a player has helped increase his value to utilize as a valuable starting point guard.

Ball has been known as a player that has not necessarily reached his maximum potential. After showing inconsistency through his first two seasons in Los Angeles, Ball would eventually be traded to New Orleans.

Even last season, Ball showed signs of unassertiveness. He shows to have tremendous talent and IQ when being utilized, but oftentimes Ball tends to lack engagement on the floor. However, this season has shown a more improved Ball. Although he still has a long way to go, it’s great to watch him show signs of improvement.

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Ball is averaging a career-high 14.2 points per game along with 4.2 rebounds and 5.6 assists. His shooting numbers have increased as well to 42 percent from the field and 38 percent from 3-point range. Working with the New Orleans development staff has been tremendous for Ball.

Although his numbers are not eye-opening, he’s been huge in part of New Orleans making a run in the West. Many expected Ball to continue to be apart of New Orleans’ future, but as the trade deadline approaches, that possibility may come to an end.

As Ball has improved his game, his trade value has increased tremendously. Other teams are beginning to see how he can improve their team with his ability to run the floor on offense. As soon as he puts the ball in the basket, it’s an automatic plus for any team that Ball plays for. As soon as the time comes, Adrian Wojnarowski will give updates on possible teams who will be looking to trade for Ball. In the meantime, here are a few organizations that can use him as their point guard.

Ideal fits for Lonzo Ball: LA Clippers

A trade to the LA Clippers can potentially send Ball back home to Los Angeles. Throughout this season, the Clippers have lacked a traditional guard who can make plays for other players on the floor. Utilizing both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George as playmakers take away their opportunity to carry the team scoring-wise.

Although Patrick Beverley has been exceptional on the defensive end, the Clippers are in desperate need of a floor general.

That is where Ball comes into place to set the tone. He’s a big guard who can grab his own defensive rebound and begin to set things up past half-court. Also, considering Ball is an improved shooter, he can take pressure off of George and Leonard as becoming less of a liability from range.

Although the Clippers are a championship contender, it allows Ball to play in a winning environment. His presence would be loved in Clipper nation and could continue to build for the future.

Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls have gone in a good direction after the hiring of head coach Billy Donovan. The team is currently in position for a play-in game and can make a deeper push into a playoff seed in the East.

The Bulls have been orchestrated around first-time all-star Zach LaVine, who has been one of the premier scorers in the NBA this season. A pairing of Ball and Lavine in the backcourt could grow into a dangerous duo for the future.

An acquisition of Ball could mean that coach Donovan can slide Coby White to a bench player who can provide energy. It is important that Donovan allows Ball to be the player who runs the floor at all times for Chicago. Having an elite passer like Ball can potentially allow LaVine to increase his scoring average to a potential NBA leading scorer.

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Ball can also help defensively for the Bulls as well. Although the team has improved as a defensive team, adding Ball gives the team an example of how to compete on that side of the floor on a nightly basis. A more complete defensive team lead by Ball could potentially increase the chances of becoming a playoff team this season.