Golden State Warriors: 3 reasons why we need the Warriors in the playoffs

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Why we need the Golden State Warriors back in the playoffs: This team needs to build up momentum heading into next season

While there are plenty of advantages to the Golden State Warriors making the playoffs, I’m not sure there’s a bigger one than them building some momentum heading into the offseason and into next season.

The Warriors need to prove that their championship window hasn’t closed and instead just took a bit of a hiatus. With Thompson returning next season, and possibly another high draft pick coming in via Minnesota (if it falls out of the top 3 in the lottery), the Warriors need to build some momentum heading into the offseason.

Making the playoffs would effectively do that, even if they experience a first-round playoff exit. The Warriors need to get back on the national stage and need to play some meaningful basketball again while getting some valuable experience to some of the younger players on the roster that weren’t around for this team’s championship runs.

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The Golden State Warriors aren’t championship contenders this season, but they need to make the playoffs in an attempt to set the stage for next season. The NBA needs the Warriors to make the playoffs to add intrigue in a potential first-round playoff series. All around, there are so many positives in the Warriors making the postseason. Question is, will they be able to make it happen over the last stretch of the season?