NBA Playoffs: 3 reasons why we need a Heat-Knicks first-round series

NBA New York Knicks Julius Randle (Mike Stobe/Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports)
NBA New York Knicks Julius Randle (Mike Stobe/Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports) /
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New York Knicks
New York Knicks Julius Randle. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

We need a first-round series between the Miami Heat and New York Knicks in the NBA Playoffs. 

The NBA Playoffs are a little more than two weeks away and with each passing game, we’re getting a better and more clear indication of potential series that we can see in the first round. Entire matchups won’t be final until after the play-in tournament (May 18-21) but there are certain pairings that many fans should already be looking forward to.

And one specific potential matchup in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs that all fans should be hoping for is between the New York Knicks and Miami Heat. These are two storied franchises that have a history with each other and a rivalry that dates back to the late-90’s into the 2000s.

It’s a rivalry that should be renewed and would actually feature a matchup of two teams that are somewhat similar to each other. Neither of them is considered a “contender” in the East, but both of them are stingy on the defensive end with rising stars on the roster.

A Knicks-Heat first-round playoff series would be both exciting and reignite a rivalry that would bring an interesting twist to the 2021 NBA Playoffs. Taking it a step further, here are three reasons why we want to see a Heat-Knicks first-round playoff series.