NBA Playoffs: 3 best performances from all of Tuesday’s Game 2s

NBA Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James (Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports)
NBA Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James (Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Best Tuesday performances in the NBA Playoffs, No. 3: Joe Harris

Special Consideration: Kevin Durant

Joe Harris was the most consistent player for the Brooklyn Nets in their 130-108 blowout win against the Boston Celtics. Kevin Durant had a solid performance and was the leading scorer for Brooklyn. Here’s the case for Harris, we all know he’s a great 3-point shooter, so of course, Boston is going to key in on that.

And to their credit, Boston did try and run him off the line, but it didn’t matter. Harris still put in seven 3’s on 10 attempts and was the second-leading scorer in Tuesday’s game in which Brooklyn played all their stars. I just feel like that shouldn’t go unnoticed, shooting 70 percent from 3 in a playoff game.

Not to mention Harris’s ability to move without the ball. He’s so good at cutting after a pass and finishing.  Or shuffling a pass to a big man after a give-and-go. He had a few nice dishes to Blake Griffin late in the game on Tuesday that really just poured salt in the wound of the Celtics as this game was never close from the start.

When Brooklyn is at full strength with Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving, Harris is their the 4th option at best. And to get 25 points on 70 percent from 3-point range is very impressive, not to mention scary for any opponent of Brooklyn in the future.

With Tuesday’s win over the Celtics, the Nets go up 2-0 in their first rounds series and look to make quick work of Boston in the next few days.