Boston Celtics: Kemba Walker deserves a fresh start this offseason

NBA Boston Celtics Kemba Walker (David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports)
NBA Boston Celtics Kemba Walker (David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Boston Celtics, Kemba Walker could split this offseason. 

Two offseason ago, when the Boston Celtics acquired Kemba Walker (from the Charlotte Hornets via sign-and-trade), many expected that this would be a move that would help this team take another step up the Eastern Conference standings.

And while it seemed like that was the case early on in the experiment, it seems like the Kemba in Boston move has fallen well short of expectations. So much so that it appears a breakup between the two could very well be happening this offseason.

Quite frankly, it’s probably best for both sides. In fact, I’d probably argue that Kemba deserves a fresh start more than the Celtics deserve moving on from Kemba.

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Kemba Walker deserves a fresh start, away from the Boston Celtics

Even though Kemba has, for the most part, struggled during his tenure as a Celtic, it’s also clear that he hasn’t been healthy for the better part of the last two years. Still, he’s been especially productive for the Celtics despite that.

But, he’s also gotten the majority of the blame for the Celtics’ shortcomings. Even though it was clear that, for one, Kemba’s healthy hasn’t been 100 percent clean over the last two seasons, and two, this team had way more issues that extended beyond the roster construction.

I’m not sure how this divorce is going to pan out, but Kemba, when healthy, is still highly productive and could be a key contributor to a really good team. I don’t think, especially at this point in his career, he should be counted on as a primary or secondary role.

Although, if Kemba is the third-best player on your roster, you probably have a really good team. For some reason, it simply didn’t work out with the Celtics. But that’s OK. If Boston is ready to move on, and from all the reporting it surely seems that way, the Celtics absolutely have the right to find a resolution.

At the same right, Kemba deserves that too. And he probably should have a say in where his next landing spot is. For all the criticism that he’s received, Kemba is coming off a season in which he averaged 19 points, five assists, and four rebounds per game on 42 percent shooting from the field and 36 percent shooting from 3-point range.

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Kemba may not be at his peak anymore but he’s still an extremely good player and capable starting point guard. It’s more about finding the right landing spot next.