Golden State Warriors: Is a big offseason splash needed?

The Golden State Warriors should make a return to contender status next season. 

Coming off two injury-plagued seasons, the hope is that the Golden State Warriors are able to get back on track and regain contender status in the Western Conference next season. With Klay Thompson on the mend and Stephen Curry still at the top of his game, there’s a good chance that happens too.

Entering the offseason, the Warriors are one of the teams that many expect to make a splash or two during the offseason. Golden State has two lottery picks, young players, and a big contract at their disposal to use as assets to upgrade the roster.

Though, is a big upgraded needed for this team to get back to contender status in the league?

Do the Golden State Warriors need to make a big move during the offseason?

Even though the Warriors have the means to make a big move during the offseason, there’s no guarantee that one will come to frution. With the lack of “star” players on the trade market, I’m not sure if the Warriors should use their assets simply to make a deal.

That’s not the way they have operated and one of the reasons why they elected to draft James Wiseman in the NBA Draft last season. That decision has paid off as Wiseman showed some flashes of impressive play before his rookie season was cut short to injury.

Could the same happen this offseason? Absoslutely. With two lottery picks in the top 14, the Warriors could package those two assets to try and move into the top 3 or 4 in the draft or even use it for a sign-and-trade (while utilizing Andrew Wiggins’ contract).

Or, the Warriors can make two lottery selections and embrace a youth movement to go along with the final stretch of Curry’s and Thompson’s prime.

A healthy Warriors, to go along with a solid rotation player they can find in this year’s draft, should be enough to make this team a threat once again in the Western Conference. Anything that they can add on top of healthy this offseason would be a huge plus.

The lack of continuity on the roster played a big part in the Warriors’ slow start to the season. They got better as the season went on, until injuries finally caught up with them.

While a big move during the offseason would certainly help this team, it’s also not something that should be demanded. The Warriors will be fine and should make a return to contender status next season, whether have a splash offseason or not.