NBA: 5 best low-risk, high-reward free agents in the 2021 class

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Taking a closer look at the 5 best low-risk, high-reward players heading into NBA free agency. 

What’s up my lil dudes? It’s NBA Twitter’s favorite time of the year, transaction season baybee! We’ve already had some trades go and even some of that sweet sweet tampering that the NBA allows (for most teams).

Players like Kyle Lowry, DeMar DeRozan, and Chris Paul are sure to find pricey deals with their current teams or otherwise. The same goes for restricted free agents like John Collins and Duncan Robinson.

But what about the teams that need to find deals in the offseason? You can go safe and grab proven veterans on a minimum to alleviate your bench…or you can have a little fun. In that vein, we are going to look at the five best low-risk, high-reward players in this free agency.

NBA’s best low-risk, high-reward free agents: Victor Oladipo

Victor Oladipo has had a rough go of things since his 2018 All-NBA season in Indiana. Two trades. Several surgeries. He was acquired by the Heat at the trade deadline to be their new starting point guard, an attempt to revitalize the roster for another Finals run. He played four games and was shut down with a knee injury. The Heat was swept in the first round.

Why am I listing Oladipo as “low risk,” then? Sure, there are some health risks that come with signing Oladipo, but he is here for his incredibly low contractual risk. See, Oladipo will not be signing the massive deal he may have been hoping for this summer. There have been essentially ZERO rumors of who is looking to sign Dipo. I think $10 million a year is the most he will be offered, and I think he signs for less. No, it is far more likely that he signs a one-year “prove-it deal” for the MLE.

And that’s where the “high reward” comes in. This is a player who has been All-NBA and incredible defensively. He’s going to sign a cheap one-year deal with a contender and if he can stay healthy…that will be a steal. I’m thinking Miami Heat Gary Payton-type stuff. Vic was notably watching the Bucks during their title run and posting about it…keep an eye out for him to sign a cheap deal with them and paying dividends for the reigning champs.