Zion Williamson might have the odds stacked against a successful career

NBA Zion Williamson (Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports)
NBA Zion Williamson (Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports) /

The odds are stacked against Zion Williamson. 

Roughly a year ago, Zion Williamson scored 27 points in 34 minutes in a loss to the Utah Jazz. Through nearly the first three seasons of his career, the No. 1 overall pick from the 2019 NBA Draft has still only played 85 games. Why is this, though? Why have we not seen him in so long?

Zion mysteriously fractured his 5th metatarsal over the offseason and has yet to return this season. Williamson was expected back on November 26th but has made little progress recovering from his injury. Williamson has since been sent to Portland to rehab away from the Pelicans with specialists. But there might be more to the story than we’re being told.

There have been whispers that Zion has been growing weary of management in the Pelicans organization but, again, those reports must be taken with a grain of salt. Then, it was reported that the organization has some grievances against Zion as well (regarding his weight and rehabbing).

Zion being shut down for the rest of this season seems likely, especially considering how far down the playoff picture the Pelicans currently sit. But will we see Zion back on the Pelicans? Is Zion’s injury history too much for an NBA career?

In high school, Zion had knee, foot, and hand injuries. At Duke, he infamously sprained his knee when his shoe broke. He bruised his left knee in the NBA Summer League, and later in his rookie season, he tore his meniscus, leading him to miss four months. He had right knee soreness, a sprained thumb, and a fractured left ring finger in his second year. And now this bizarre fractured right foot.

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Zion and his horrific run of injuries make his future with the team, and in the league quite unclear, as he becomes eligible to sign a huge extension this summer.