Brooklyn Nets: 3 reasons why Ben Simmons would improve the Nets

Philadelphia 76ers Ben Simmons (Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports)
Philadelphia 76ers Ben Simmons (Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Ben Simmons’ durability will be immeasurable in the postseason

Throughout his career, Ben Simmons has been more durable than James Harden; let’s just put that out there. He’s missed games, but he generally has been available when his teams have needed him most. Whether or not he has shrunk in said moments is an entirely different story.

Every season, it seems as if Harden is limping toward the playoffs. And this season doesn’t appear to be any different. In last year’s playoffs, Harden was a shell of himself because of injury. The Nets likely won’t have that problem with Simmons.

If they can get him in the right mental space, Simmons should be durable enough for the Nets to count on him in the playoffs. Even more so considering he has missed the first half of this season.