Philadelphia 76ers: 3 reasons why Sixers will win the East with James Harden

Philadelphia 76ers Joel Embiid (Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports)
Philadelphia 76ers Joel Embiid (Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports) /
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James Harden
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James Harden solves the offensive issues that plagued them in last year’s playoffs

On paper, the Sixers essentially swapped an All-Defensive defender for an All-Offensive talent. And based on their performance in the playoffs last season, I’m sure they’ll take it. The Sixers had the 13th ranked offense in the league last season and was middle-of-the-pack in the postseason.

This year, the Sixers are 14th on the offensive end. Harden could go a long way in solving their offensive issues. He’ll bring scoring and playmaking that the team desperately lacked from the guard position.

More than anything, he’s a guy that can get to his spots and score willingly in crunch time. That’s something the Sixers didn’t have. If it wasn’t Embiid getting a post-up late in the game, the offense often looked dull and stalled.

If they can survive on the defense end, Harden will unquestionably help solve this team’s offensive problems. He can take the Sixers from an average offense to a very good one.