NBA Trade Deadline: Taking a look at the biggest losers

New York Knicks Julius Randle (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
New York Knicks Julius Randle (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) /
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Spencer Dinwiddie
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Taking a look back at the biggest losers of the NBA Trade Deadline. 

The NBA trade deadline came and went quickly, but left chaos in its path. Beyond the deals made prior, there were 10 trades including 33 players and plenty of picks moved on February 10th. We had a blockbuster (thank you for putting an end to that, Morey!) as well as an arms race among contenders.

But not everyone did well or even made a move at all. Who were the biggest losers of the 2022 Trade Deadline? Let’s take a look:

Dallas Mavericks

Moves Made: Kristaps Porzingis + 2022 2nd (Top 45 protected) to Washington for Spencer Dinwiddie + Davis Bertans

…wow. I understand that Porzingis has not been the unicorn he was meant to be, and certainly not the second star next to Doncic’s blazing sun. I also understand that he has an albatross of a contract ($33 mill next season + $36 mill PO that he will be taking in 2023). Was this really the move to make, though?

Dinwiddie has one more year at $18 million before being partially guaranteed for $10 million in 2023-24. Even if it is less than KP he has been dreadful this season, and assumedly takes minutes/touches away from Jalen Brunson. Brunson has quietly (not if you pay attention) been Dallas’ second-best player this season, so it is not a good look.

Bertans has two more seasons at an average of $16.5 million before a PO in 2024-25 that he will almost certainly take. Bertans has been essentially unplayable since signing this contract, shooting just 35% from the field this season. Considering that shooting is what got him the contract in the first place, the potentiality of him making up ground in other aspects of the sport is limited. The Mavs moved a single bad contract for two smaller ones. But they’re significantly worse players, however you view KP.