LeBron James: 5 landing spots that seem logical if he left the Lakers

LeBron James and Stephen Curry ( Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports)
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New York Knicks
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New York Knicks

Depending on how much he feels he has left in the tank, I’m not sure we should entirely count out the New York Knicks in the event that LeBron James is looking for a fresh start. The Knicks is the epicenter of the NBA and when they’re relevant the league is that much better.

Though, should LeBron elect to play for the Knicks, this landing spot is likely going to need some extra work. They are not close to title contention and don’t have a ton of assets on the roster to get a deal done.

They’d probably have to trade every one of their valuable pieces in a trade and would be left with nothing other than cap space. At this point, I’m not sure many big-name free agents are going to jump at the opportunity to play for an aged LeBron.

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Still, even at an advanced age, LeBron signing with the Knicks would be the biggest story in professional sports.