Memphis Grizzlies: Evaluating their championship chances in the West

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The inexperience will undo the Memphis Grizzlies in the playoffs

If there’s a fair criticism for the Grizzlies, it’s that they don’t have much experience and that’s something that could be detrimental during the playoffs. This is a fairly young team and doesn’t have many players (with the exception of Steven Adams) that have vast playoff experience.

And, especially in the NBA, that’s something that could undo the Grizzlies late in the season. Generally, there are steps that contenders have to make in order to play their way into true contender status.

The Grizzlies lost in five games to the Jazz in the first round of the playoff last season and it would be without much precedent for a team to go from first-round playoff exit to the NBA Finals. Especially considering that the Grizzlies didn’t add a superstar in the offseason.

The times that has happened in recent NBA history, it usually is because the team added a superstar, such as a LeBron James, Chris Paul, or Kawhi Leonard. The Grizzlies clearly didn’t do that and, therefore, it would be a huge surprise if they made the jump from playoff afterthought to championship contender.